Kia Sorento Manual Gearbox Problems

Kia Sorento Manual Gearbox Problems - Kia Sorento Manual Gearbox Problems manual shift. - Kia's bigger Sorento brings more 2004 Kia Sorento transmission problems with 9 complaints from Sorento owners. power.. Kia Sorento Automatic Gearbox problems Year 2007,Clunking noise when accelerating from gearbox when warm - Kia Sorento question. Sorry to hear of your problems its most unusual for a Sorento TB to give problems. When the Sorento came out there were some issues with the clutches in the TB but around 05 Kia changed the spec of the TB oil and advised owners to change..

Kia Sorento Software Update Available to Correct Transmission Issues - 81 reports. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it.. Kia Sorento 2006 suv 2.5 diesel turbo auto 65000 miles Transmission Accelerator Engine Noise Traveling at 30 mph plus off throttle a moaning type noise starts and stops when throttle is applied,not sure if its from engine or transmission.. One common problem with the Kia Sorento is engine trouble. Some of its typical engine-related issues include engine failure and loud or knocking noises coming from the engine..

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I just bought an 04 Sedona and was reading the owners manual.Somewhere in there is a section talking about the transmission getting stuck in park. If it won't move with the break pedal depressed It tells how to get it unstuck using a screwdriver behind the gearshift lever. It's on page 4-14 under Driving Your Vehicle. Called Shift-lock override. It says to have it inspected by Kia immediately..